The project took approximately three months to complete, from the initial proposal of the idea, to the publication of the final visualisations and written work documenting the experience of executing the project. All areas of the project were undertaken with considerations paid to both the London Charter and ideas of best practice within digital humanities.

The work process can be split into three sections, research, documentation and modelling, with each of these being made up of composite tasks resulting in the visualisations and various papers published on this website. Details of these sections can be found in the various relevant pages of this website.

This project builds on previous visualisation projects on the Old Abbey Theatre and extends that work to lesser known and now lost theatres in Dublin. It is worthwhile because architectural and scenographic history is not generally the focus of the academic discussion that surrounds the theatre. Evoking the shape of the stage and the theatre through means of a visualisation is important in pursuing these areas of theatrical history.

The Queen’s Theatre could be understood to occupy a marginal space in the study of Irish theatre in comparison to more well-known institutions such as the Abbey Theatre and the Gate Theatre. These theatres are more known for their engagement with national consciousness and ‘high’ literary art. Though the Abbey Theatre Company did occupy the Queen’s for a number of years, The Queen’s Royal Theatre was part of a more popular and accessible theatrical tradition. Various companies primarily staged pantomimes or popular melodrama there. A model of the theatre’s space may enhance future research in this context.

Summary of Project Aims 

This project aims to explore what can be discovered about the architectural and scenographic history of the Queen’s Theatre during the Abbey Theatre Company’s stay there between 1951-1966 through a series of computer based visualisations of the space.

In order to achieve this we have created several computer-based visualisations of the interior, exterior and surrounding area of the Queen’s Theatre while following the principles set out in the London Charter. Following each of the six steps for best practice, the Methodology section of this website will guide users through our learnings.