Our team created four visualisations as part of this project:

  1. A 3D model of the auditorium and stage of the Queen’s Theatre (QT)
  2. A 3D model of the facade of the QT
  3. A 3D model of a set design for the QT stage
  4. A 3D model of the streetscape

Jane modelled the auditorium and stage, Tony modelled the facade, and Holly modelled the stage set design. Kate, Chris and Sarah worked on the streetscape visualisation. They used SketchUp Make, a free tool for 3D modelling. None of them had previous experience with modelling using SketchUp, though Jane did have experience building houses in the Sims games. To prepare for this project, everyone watched the “Getting Started with SketchUp” video tutorials and practiced modelling a seminar room at Trinity College Dublin. They also sought advice from Freya, a Postgraduate Researcher in 3D Architectural Heritage Visualisation (Trinity College Dublin, School of Histories and Humanities). A summary of some of her advice is detailed in the last section of the Modelling in SketchUp post.

The methodology utilised for the streetscape visualisation altered quite drastically over time. The documentation on their visualisation process and decisions regarding method and tools can be found here. The visualisation process for the other 3D models is introduced on the relevant pages:

Model of the Stage and Auditorium

Model of the Facade

Model of the Scenography

*Note: as this was a very detailed process, the accompanying paradata has been included within the individual visualisation pages, and where there is significantly more documentation, the subsequent pages are accessed by appropriate links for easier reading.